Structures and Unit Costs.

Structures and Unit Costs.

Postby MoodyCelt » Sun Oct 04, 2009 3:46 pm

Any idea what will be used for the cost of Ship Yards and the various Ships?

As a suggestion, since using just generic types - light , heavy, etc... apply the same to the Ships such as:

War Ships
Corvettes - 100-290k Tons
Destroyers - 300-600k Tons
-- DD, DD, DCV
Frigites - 600-750k Tons
Cruisers - 760-810k Tons
Heavy Cruisers - 820-970k Tons
Carriers - 950-1200k Tons
Battleships - 1200-1500k Tons
Battle Cruisers - 1300-1500k Tons

If it helps, I have the complete Heavy Metal series as well as most of the manuals
and will make it/them available for your needs.

On unit costs, it is currently listed as +60 Destroyed. I think that it should be changed
to reflect usage...

per your settings and then...
IS =
60-70% Serious + -20% combat effectiveness (offense/defense)
71-75% Severe + -40% combat effectiveness (offense/defense)
76-80% Severe + -60 combat effectiveness (offense/defense)
81%+ Destroyed

60-75% Serious + -10% combat effectiveness (offense/defense)
76-85% Severe + -30% combat effectiveness (offense/defense)
86%+ Destroyed

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Re: Structures and Unit Costs.

Postby GameMaster » Sun Oct 04, 2009 7:07 pm

For warships, weight divided by 100,000 will be how many months to build, and RP's will be determined by cost in c-bills divided by 100,000,000. example A fox corvette would be built in 3 months at a cost of 164 RP.

I haven't decided on ship yards yet, some ideas I have is either national and regional capitals can build them, and only clan snow raven. Or use the IS atlas to find the location of ship yards, and additional ship yards cost 2000 RP and 1 1/2 years to build.

I've looked at the damage rating system a few times, currently I was thinking
scratched up to 10%
light 11 to 25
moderate 26 to 40
heavy 41 to 60
serious 61 to 75
destroyed 76 and up
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